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Vue minesweeper

vuejs javascript vue-plugin

Add some minesweeper to your website.

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Checking out the share api in JavaScript

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Let’s get started on that pwa

medium javascript symfony

Google made up a word, pwa. Progressive web app. And it is awesome. Create a web page and say it can be opened from an icon on your phone. Cool, now Apple will support the way they agreed upon. Microsoft even add’s the “apps” to the store when you have one. Let’s get you started!

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Let’s webpack… encore!

medium webpack css javascript

So i build websites and apps regularly, and i use build tools all the time. Once i started using grunt a long time ago i fell in love. But every project you had the hassle of setting up all the tasks you want. And the basics is just building javascript (using babel), uglyfying on production it and do the same on the css side of things. So much work, every time. Now comes webpack encore.

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Animate with Intersection­Observer

medium javascript

Animate your website using the Intersection ­Observer API

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